Driver Safety Tips – June

Road Trip Tips of the Month – June 2018

Summer has arrived!   This month, we are bringing back the basics…

  • In a work zone, watch out for workers, equipment, signs, and uneven surfaces.
  • Use personal protective equipment such as gloves and reflective vests while at the station and while making deliveries
  • When maneuvering vans through parking lots, remind drivers to drive at or below the recommended speed limit and keep their eyes peeled for other cars and pedestrians.
  • For your safety and to prevent theft of delivery vehicles, make sure to secure your vehicle every time you exit for a delivery


And don’t forget the following for summer vehicle maintenance:

  • Check air conditioning performance and coolant levels.
  • Double check tire pressure; warm weather can cause tire pressure fluctuation!
  • Batteries don’t like extreme temperature changes so check your van battery regularly for leaks and cracks.
  • Keep an eye on oil and engine fluid levels; your vehicle works hard like you when it is hot out!


Thanks for doing what you do!  Stay hydrated on hot days and as always, be safe – in, and out, of your vehicle.