A Top Tier Last Mile Delivery Company


Greg Hall

It may have taken a while but Urban Mobility Now finally found what it was looking for in Greg Hall and it was certainly worth the wait! Leading the charge for UMN’s busy Boston Stations, Greg has quickly taken the battalion and is guiding his team to victory. As Regional Director, Greg may be the most recent addition to UMN’s leadership team, but he is certainly not new to the worlds of transportation and customer service. During his 13 years in the gasoline distribution business, Greg perfected his skills in organizational development while managing customer service for 7 states. He also gained extensive experience in recovery operations during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. UMN feels very lucky to now have Greg on board!

But there is much more to Greg than the wealth of experience that he brings to UMN! After graduating high school in Vermont, Greg served in the US Air Force and while based in Wiesbaden, Germany he met his wife of 28 years, Heather with whom they proudly raised two now-grown sons. At age 42, Greg returned to school and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.

Greg and Heather currently reside in Gloucester, Massachusetts, home of the acclaimed major motion picture, The Perfect Storm. It is along the peaceful beaches of Gloucester that he and Heather enjoy walking their fur-babies and taking a break from the working world.


Alberto Vilorio

Alberto comes to Urban Mobility Now with extensive experience in operations from both the hospitality and delivery service industries. Born and raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (just Like Big Papi, Manny Ramirez and Sammy Sosa,) Alberto had a long and prosperous career in the tourism field with emphasis on customer service, logistics and operations.

Upon his wife’s “request,” they migrated to the United States and he jump-started his career by joining delivery giant, UPS, where he held the positions of Weekend Air Supervisor, Dispatch/Data Specialist and Operations Supervisor for over 2 Years. After taking a liking to supply chain and logistics operations, he moved to the position of Operations Supervisor for Imperial Distributor, one of the largest nonfood suppliers in Massachusetts. Here, Alberto used his skills to head their shipping department. Just prior to coming on board with UMN, Alberto was Operations Manager for EMM/Wayfair home delivery where he managed all of Eastern Massachusetts, lower New Hampshire and all of Rhode Island.

With a degree in computer science and social media marketing, Alberto is a technology enthusiast, avid gamer and father of a 5 year old force-of-nature named Logan. When not working, he enjoys expending time with his family, cooking and exploring new places. We are thrilled to now have Alberto as part of the UMN family!


Adam Smith

Finding the right people for the right job is critical to the success of any business.  Urban Mobility Now is lucky to have Adam Smith leading its hiring and recruiting efforts.  With a strong background in talent acquisition, Adam is more than familiar with what it takes to attract dedicated individuals who will have a vested interest in what they do.

Adam grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania and graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Management, Marketing and Related Support Services.  He was actively involved in pathway programs designed for students to obtain experience and training in a variety of disciplines, enabling students to be better prepared for the workplace. It is no surprise, then, to learn that Adam’s favorite motivational quote is, “When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” Adam, who was once a top baseball prospect, loves to travel and spend time with his dogs.