Big Kahuna

Big Kahuna

Top Driver of the Month

We believe in recognizing and rewarding hard work and high performing Urban Mobility Now team members. That’s why we honor our Top Drivers with our Big Kahuna Rewards Program.

Our Big Kahuna Rewards Program isn’t your ordinary (boring) “Employee of the Month” award or some incentive program with unattainable benchmarks. Instead, our Big Kahuna monitors high performance and rewards consistency. Each month, our Big Kahuna is selected and receives a $50 Amazon Gift Card, a special commemorative trophy and the coveted top position as the Big Kahuna on the Urban Mobility Now website.

Every day, our drivers are monitored and appreciated based on a variety of trackable factors, including route performance, attendance, uniform compliance and other KPI’s that are observed and recorded by our dispatchers. Each week’s leading candidates will be up for nomination for the Big Kahuna award. While the trackable factors help to tell the tale, we also look at some of the intangibles that make our drivers so great, such as demeanor, customer service skills, teamwork and more, when making our selection each month. So lead by example, and you could be the next Big Kahuna!

Thanks for being great UMN team members, and Drive On!

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