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Juan C. Iraheta, DB01

Urban Mobility Now is only as successful as the hard-working individuals working behind the scenes, ensuring efficient deliveries for all. Juan Iraheta is one such team member, who utilizes his strong leadership skills while maintaining an extremely organized work environment.

Juan’s supervisor notes that he “always goes above and beyond and does not settle for less.” Juan’s in-depth computer skills have also benefited the company tremendously in his creation of the “One Drive” giving our employees better at-home access to forms and documents. Juan also set up everyone’s devices on the Cloud making them accessible from anywhere. In addition, Juan’s supervisor states that his previous management experience allowed “Juan to earn our team’s respect, while effectively handling situations or inquiries while working within policy, procedures, and standard processes.”

One of Urban Mobility Now’s top priorities is providing recognition to ambitious individuals who complete their daily tasks and more. We are very grateful for your hard work, Juan, and we thank you for your major contributions to our company’s success!