Driver Safety Tips

Road Trip Tips of the Month

We hope you are staying cool in the summer heat.  As a reminder…

  • Use the three-point checklist when delivering packages. Check the address on the building, the address on the package, and the address in the Rabbit to make sure they all match.
  • Remember to use the Auto Assign feature in Routing Tools to assign a DA route.
  • Choose the correct reason code when delivering a package. This will ensure the customer will know where to look for their package and reduce concessions.
  • Make sure to deliver the package to the location specified by the customer.
  • With summer weather comes additional pedestrians and cyclists on the road. Remind drivers to use extra caution and awareness when on the road in popular locations.


Don’t forget to care for your vehicle during these warm weather days:

  • Check air conditioning performance and coolant levels.
  • Double check tire pressure; warm weather can cause tire pressure fluctuation.
  • Batteries don’t like extreme temperature changes so check your van battery regularly for leaks and cracks.
  • Keep an eye on oil and engine fluid levels; your vehicle works hard like you when it is hot out!


Thanks for doing what you do!  Stay hydrated on hot days and as always, be safe – in, and out, of your vehicle.


Check back next month for more important safety tips!