Leaders In Last Mile Delivery

Providing cost-effective, reliable and timely delivery service, while adapting to your specific supply chain needs, is crucial. That’s where Urban Mobility Now stands out from the rest.  

Delivering products to an ever-changing marketplace in today’s e-commerce world can be challenging.  There are different stages of the process and the “last mile” portion is the part that the customer is directly involved with.  It’s critical that your supply chain partner is not only efficient and cost-effective, but also service delivery oriented.  Couriers need to use the latest technology to manage the process and must be trained to provide courteous service to the customer.  It’s important to choose the right last mile company, both from an operational standpoint, but also from a front-facing consumer standpoint.  The final mile courier, in many ways, can be the face of your organization.  Selecting the right company for this part of your delivery process is critical.


Urban Mobility Now is one of the nation’s newest and fastest growing delivery service providers. Our company culture is unique and attracts the most energetic and passionate delivery associates out there. We work in a fast-paced environment and thrive on exceeding our projected delivery milestones, ensuring that our customers receive their packages on time and intact.

Urban Mobility Now’s team of professional couriers is leading the way with the new standard for consumer delivery services. We use the latest in technology to ensure the perfect delivery interactions that we’re synonymous with. We are responsible for the safe, efficient, courteous and reliable last mile courier service that our customers deserve, and we’re proud to provide that to the communities which we serve.  We realize that we represent your organization when you choose to partner with us, and we pledge to be a seamless, click-in component to your overall delivery process.